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We will see how British MPs will vote


‚Äč"We will see how British MPs will vote" tomorrow ": if there is a request for additional time, we will see what happens". Thus the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, commenting in Strasbourg on the vote scheduled for tomorrow in the House of Commons on the Brexit agreement. "It is obvious - he stressed - that an extension would entail a series of legal problems: if we were to reach a lengthening of the terms of the comparison after the European elections, British citizens according to almost all the jurists should return to the vote for elect their representatives in the European Parliament ".

As for the backstop issue, Tajani hopes "that we can arrive at a shared solution". A hard Brexit in fact "would cause enormous damage". "The British themselves," recalled the president of the European Parliament, "have calculated damage equal to 9% of the gross domestic product of Great Britain" in the case of a hard Brexit and "would not do well" even "to our economy". "We must work to make this happen, so that there can be an agreement," he added.

"For years I have been fighting with so many European colleagues for the single seat of the European Parliament. Di Maio and Di Battista where were they?". Thus the vice-president of the PPE group, the MEP of Forza Italia Lara Comi, after the declarations of the five-men Di Maio and Di Battista in support of the abolition of the double headquarters of the European Parliament. "Maybe they want to imitate their guru Beppe Grillo as a comic couple, but they don't make you laugh - Comi attacks -. If instead they seriously discovered today the question, after years of campaigns, interrogations and resolutions in favor of the 'single seat', then they only show once again their total inadequacy.

To Italy - concludes the MEP - authoritative leaders are needed who go to Europe to negotiate and to bring results, not to make useless scripts that will run out in the space of a tweet, proving not to be on the piece ".

The European Parliament's radio studio in Strasbourg "will be dedicated to Antonio Megalizzi and Barto Pedro Orent-Niedzielski, the two young journalists murdered by an ISIS terrorist last December. The European Parliament bureau has just decided" Thus in a tweet the president of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani. The EU Parliament observed in Strasbourg, at the opening of the plenary, a minute of silence in memory of all the victims of hatred and violence.


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